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A Reicat/Carei fic

Funshipping: Reika (D=OUT) x Cat Casino (Deathstars)

It’s kinda written in a script format, so use your imagination!

AaBbCc: Normal Talking

AaBbCc: Thoughts, Dreams, etc.



Reika: *muffled*Mmmmph … Where the fuck am I?

[Moves hand to find that he’s been handcuffed and tied up.]

R: *muffled*What the hell?!

[Continues yanking his hands to attempt to loosen handcuff, but is no use]

R: *muffled*Dammit, it’s no use *sigh*

Cat: *muffled*… Urghhhh …

R: *muffled*Hmm? I swear I just heard someone moan, or something …

[Cat stretches, only to accidently knock his head onto Reika]


C: *muffled* Sorry!

R: I can’t hear what you’re saying!

[Cat yawns]

C: I said I’m sorry. Y’know, for headbutting you by accident?

R: Ah, it’s OK, the mouth gag material is kinda thick.

C: Yeah, but it’s easy to break off!

[Cat spits out remaining material out of his mouth]

R: Eww, that’s gross!

C: Well I’d rather have the capability to breathe rather than to gag.

R: How the hell did you manage to break it off, anyway?

C: By using my teeth. Just chew it, like I said, it’s breakable despite it being so thick.

R: Nnnngg *gritted teeth* Actually, I said it was thick!

[Reika gnaws away at mouth gag]

C: Yeah yeah, who cares, it’s dark in here, I wonder where the light switch is?

[Reika spits out material]

R: How should I know? I don’t even know where we are, let alone who YOU are!

[Cat starts to kick the wall]

R: What the hell are you doing?!

C: Finding the lightswitch, duh! And the name’s Eric for your information, but everybody calls me Cat.

[Continues kicking the wall, Reika joins in kicking the opposite wall]

R: Well, my name’s Reika and I think that you’re more like a dog.

C: Excuse me?! How can you judge me when you don’t even know me?!

R: Because shut up, that’s how!

[Reika kicks the lightswitch on]

C: Well, congratulations on finding the switch, now tell me, how does it feel be an immature little a-

[Cat and Reika both see each other through the mirrors for the first time]

C: Oh, he’s … kinda … cute.

R: Damn, he had to be good looking, didn’t he?

C: But he definitely isn’t my type

R: Oh well, his good looks make him look like an asshole anyway

[Reika turns around to Cat]

R: Well? Aren’t you gonna say it?

C: No…

R: C’mon, let’s spit it out now, shall we?

C: I dunno.

R: What?!

C: You heard me, I don’t know.

R: Did you catch your own tongue or something?

C: Hehehe, I guess I did.

R: That wasn’t meant to be funny!

C: Heh, but I bet that you’re just trying to be cute *winks*

[Reika rolls his eyes]

R: Urgh, no!

C: *giggles* Don’t deny it …

R: Why the hell would I attempt to be cute for you?

C: *pulls puppy-like face* Don’t you find me sexy?

R: *blushes* PAH! No! Besides, I have better things to think about.

C: Oh really now? Like what exactly?

R: Like how we ended up in here in the first place and how the hell we’re gonna get out without getting killed!

C: Oh.

R: *smirks* Gutted now, kitten?

C: No, but now that I think about it, I can’t really remember myself as to what happened, other than the fact that I was heading to the cornershop for our lunch and beer, because our runner had disappeared.

R: Beer in the middle of the day?

C: No, before my band’s show tonight, it’s a pre-ritual thing.

R: Oh, I see.

C: Yeah, it eases us.

R: So you’re in a band, huh?

C: Yup, I’m the guitarist for Deathstars, heard of them?

R: Not particularly, no.

C: Oh, well I’m the rhythm guitarist, but I hope to switch places someday and become the lead guitarist and add in all sorts of rockin’ solo’s!

R: Huh, I see …

C: How about’s if we both manage to leave this place alive you come see my band live?

R: I hate to break it to you, but I have a band of my own whom I’m playing with tonight.

C: Oh really?

R: Yeah, I’m the bassist for a rock band called D=OUT, it’s the first time we’ve played in this country.

C: You mean you’ve never played in Austria before?!

R: Nope, but we’ve toured in places like Poland, Germany, Sweden –

C: Seriously?! Why have I never heard of you guys before?

R: Because it’s hard for any Japanese musicians to break into the western culture. Besides, the band have only been once, and that was five years ago.

C: Damn …

R: Well, I’m grateful with what I have and where I am. I’m happy, as long as I still get to play bass with my band full of friends.

C: *seductive smile* Yeah, I bet you’re good with your fingers.

R: Wait, what?

C: Can I ask you a question?

[Cat moves in front of Reika to face him]

R *narrows eyes in suspicion* I don’t trust you, but go ahead.

C: Would you fuck me?


C: *purrs* Would you fuck me?

R: WHY?!

C: I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard *winks*

R: I have a question, would it be an understatement to say that you’re up your own ass?!

C: *giggles* You’re so cute when you’re angry. And the answer to that question is –

R: Don’t answer it, it’s supposed to be a rhetorical question, dumbass.

C: I can look into those beautiful eyes all day

R: I’d give you five minutes until you started crying of painful torture

C: Are you sure about that?

R: Absolutely, I if I were you (and if the only exit around wasn’t a massive Titanium door that’s pretty much impossible to kick down), I would be running out of there shitting myself.

C: Well how about’s we put it to the test?

R: You mean a staring contest?

C: Hell yeah.

R: So then, are you ready?

C: What now?

R: Yeah.

C: No, hold on, lemme prepare myself for a minute or two.

                                           R: *smirks* You go do that then.

[Cat looks away and forcefully starts blinking like a mad man for a couple of seconds before turning back.]

C: OK, I’m ready now!

R: Are you sure?

C: Yeah, totally.

R: You ready to lose?

C: You wish.

[The staring contest begins.]

C: I will not lose to Reika. I will not lose to Reika. I will not lose to Reika.

R: That boy’s gonna lose, no hell in way can he beat a champion like me!

C: I will not lose to Reika. I will not lose to Reika. I will not lose to Reika.

R: Besides, I can’t afford to lose. If I do, I won’t be able to hear the end of it.

C: What if I do lose to Reika? Will he spank me?

R: Him and his damn purring Swedish accent!

C: I mean he is cute and all, and it’s been a while since I’ve played with guys and all

R: And those eyes. Those eyes … he must be wearing circle lenses but even so they’re pretty captivating

C: There’s something about Reika that’s just so alluring, I wonder what he’d be like on a hot steamy night in …

R: Those lips, I can’t tell if they’re real or not, but …

C:  I wouldn’t mind being more than friends.

R: I guess I’d wouldn’t mind kissing them and making him mine.

Both: And I can’t believe I just thought that.

[Cat ends the staring contest and surprises Reika by softly kissing him]

R: *about to say something* He didn’t …  just … kiss me?

C: Did … I … do that?

[Both start making out, which last for a good five minutes or so until the door finally opens]

Kouki: *raises eyebrows* The fuck’s this?!

[Both Cat and Reika jump in shock]

R: Oh g-god, I can explain!

Andres/Whiplasher: *teasingly* Of course you can, everybody likes to make out with strangers every now and then, I do it all the time, Ohonhonhonhonhon~!

K: Shut up you, you’re a bad influence, besides, Reika isn’t usually like that, *glares* are you?

R: *shaking his head* … I … I …

A: I’m sure our Kitty-cat enjoyed breaking his promise …

C: *rolls eyes* Shut up Andy, I’m not your toy!

A: *raises eyebrow* Pardon?

Nightmare: Your mum’s pardon, leave Eric alone.

K: Are we done yet?

A: Why, what’s it to you?

K: Well, some freak put them in the cleaning room of the venue tied up and doesn’t even lock the door.

N: Though even if they did, it looks easily breakable.

R: *frowns* Err, the door’s made of titanium, dumbass

[Kouki opens the door fully to reveal that the door is actually made of wood. Kouki points at it]

K … it’s wood.

[Whilst Cat looks surprisingly confused, Reika’s jaw drops in horror and eyes widen]

R: You. Are. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

[Kouki looks at Reika in disbelief]

Ibuki: Ah, you found him!

Hikaru: Yay! Reika-chan is safe! Yay! Yay!

Minase: Hah, about time, knew not to trust him, he was bound to get lost!

[Minase and Hikaru untoe and unhandcuff Reika whilst Oscar and Skinny arrive to help untie and uncuff Cat]

N: Well what’s rather confusing is why did whoever kidnapped them place them here in the venue?

Oscar: *shrugs* The least obvious place to find them maybe?

Skinny: Yeah, think about it, if we had found out later in the dressing room, we’d had never of thought of searching the venue because it’s not so obvious.

N: But we just found them, I mean it is convenient since we’re playing here tonight and –

K: Err …

[The members of Deathstars turn their heads to Kouki]

I: We’re playing here tonight.

A: Ahahaha, didn’t you see the sign? Deathstars are playing in here tonight, and you with them right now! You must be mistaken for ano-

K: *snaps* Well YOU obviously didn’t read the sign properly because it says D=OUT is also playing tonight, and WE’RE them!

[An awkward silence falls upon the two bands. The ignored pair turned to look at each other]

R: Why do I have a feeling that we’ll be touring together?

C: *shrugs* I dunno, but who cares

[Cat and Reika go to hold each other’s hand]

A: … No, I’m going to find the manager, this is stupidity

M: You ARE stupidity!

[Andres turns around and swings a punch at Kouki, only for Kouki to duck and Andy misses]

A: I’m sorry, what was that?!

K: The sound of World War Three!

[Kouki punches Andres in the face, which causes a big fight between most of the members, except for Cat and Reika who are still standing in the same spot holding hands, Oscar who is awkwardly standing and holding his head and Hikaru who cowers under the table. One of the managers suddenly appear]

Manager: Good afternnon, boys.

[The fighting bands immediately let go of each other]

Deathstars/D=OUT: Afternoon, sir.

Manager: I see you’ve all met each other by now, yes?

[Both bands nod their heads]

Manager: Good, because for the next six weeks, you’ll all be sharing a mega luxury tour bus whilst touring together! Better get used to it! See you later!

[The fighting members of both bands and Hikaru faces drop, whilst Oscar covers his mouth, secretly laughing. The pair however, turn to each other and give each other a cheeky smirk]

Arthur and Francis had been good friends since of young age when both of their parents had moved to America and both of their fathers started working together. They were best friends throughout the majority of their school years until midway throughout senior high school, where Francis and Arthur's friendship had slowly drifted apart to the point where they would only occasionally take a glance at each other. Now, Francis usually hung out with the school rebels, Gilbert and Antonio, whilst Arthur became good friends with the laid-back kid, Kiku and the ditzy one, Alfred. No arguments or any negative behaviour had caused this, fate came in its natural state. In fact, both Francis and Arthur occasionally talked about how they wished that they were best friends again, and secretly wished that they were more than good friends. But the two had never talked about it to each other . . . for now.


It was a Saturday afternoon, and Arthur was spending his time around Alfred's house, upstairs in his bedroom, because they had both paired up for a biology presentation that they were supposed to be working on throughout review week, but had left it until the last minute as per usual. Alfred, with his messy short, straight hair, with a stand sticking out on top, American football shirt and combat trousers was busy finding some pictures of cells to add to the presentation on his laptop whilst Arthur was sitting on one of Alfred's bean bags, again, his hair messy and short like Alfred's (but just a bit more messier) and a choppy fringe, wearing just a white t-shirt and plain jeans, with his pale scrawny arm holding a remote that was pointing at the T.V flicking through the different channels. 
"Alfred, why is it that you watch the most ridiculous crap on here?" Arthur moaned, with his thick eyebrows turned into a frown, lips pouted and his arm dropped down as he turned the T.V off. Alfred spun around on his chair in a sharp twist.

"Whad'ya means crap? Are you saying that my taste in T.V is rubbish compared to your boring soaps and un-hysterically outdated historical comedy?" Arthur fixed his posture so he could turn his head to look up at him and took a handful of crisps from a bowl on his own lap.
"Hey, there is nothing wrong with Blackadder! And yes, Al, you do watch crap T.V. All you ever watch is rubbish like 'Pimp My Ride' and those spoiled birthday brats on 'My Super Sweet 16' or whatever the hell it's called." He shoved the handful of crisps into his mouth, whilst Alfred shoved his hand into the crisp bowl, snatching twice the handful of crisps that Arthur had taken and retreated back to his chair.
"Hmmph, well;" Alfred said whilst eating, he raised his hand to say that he hadn't finished his sentence whilst he swallowed his food down. "At least you admit that you watch boring T.V." he remarked triumphantly, turning around back to the laptop. Arthur shook his head and groaned in annoyance, twisting his head back onto the bean bag to rest.

For five whole minutes there was no sound, except for the clicking of the mouse and the tapping of the keyboard. This was a new record for Alfred, since he would always be chatting about nothing, boring the life out of the people he talked to, never knowing when to stop. This silence suddenly broke when Alfred rose up a rather 'out of the blue' question that popped into his mind from thinking about the previous conversation they just had.

"Hey Artie, do you know who has a birthday coming up?"
Arthur opened his eyes, sat up and turned around, leaning onto the beanbag, looking confused and rather curious.
"Yours isn't it?" he asked as he stumbled up and dragged himself up to Alfred's laptop.
"I mean apart from mine, like, the next person in our school"
"Why don't you just check your calendar, you are the sneaky perv-it-all. Besides, why would you want to know anyway?" Arthur yawned out whilst scratching his head.
"I'm not a pervert! Plus, I was just thinking about our conversation earlier, and I realised that no-one's had a birthday in a while, so we've either missed a birthday, or there are a bunch of birthdays coming up."
Alfred squinted though his glasses as he opened up the calendar, despite the fact that he could see through them well. 
The calendar popped up onto the screen, and Alfred scrolled to the next month, which was July.
Suddenly, he jumped a little out of his seat, wide-eyed in surprise.
"What is it?" Arthur asked a bit suspicious, hoping that it was nothing too regrettable.
"I totally forgot that Mattie's birthday is only a few days before mine!" he moaned, face-palming himself with his hands.
"Can't you just invite him over and do a joint birthday party? I know you've always wanted to, plus I don't think Matthew would mind to be honest." Arthur shrugged and gestured himself as if to say 'I don't know'.
"Ya know what?" Alfred spun clockwise to Arthur, to which Arthur looked on in confusion.
"That sounds, like a good plan, lemme talk to Mattie about it!" he spun around a quarter turn and dashed out of his room to find his mobile phone that he left downstairs. 

Once Alfred was out of site, Arthur took his seat, and scanned through the different dates. He noticed that, like Matthew's and Alfred's birthday, that there was another date, 14th July, bordered in green. Out of curiosity, Arthur scanned the mouse over, and double clicked on the date. However, in the moment that he had clicked on it, his eyes widened and his emotions went from curiosity to alarmed. His heart was beating 50 beats per minute, his throat becoming dry, yet found it hard to swallow. His body temperature rose up like a rocket into space, eyes fixated. And this was all because of the fact that he found out Francis's birthday was only 10 days after Alfred's. 

Arthur's thoughts were suddenly distracted for a few seconds, due to Alfred bursting through the door, talking loudly (or shouting, as Arthur interpreted it) down his mobile to Matthew. Alfred walked over, chatting and laughing away, to a nervous, panicky and a bit sweaty Arthur, fixated to the screen, staring at Francis's name. Alfred looked at Arthur in a confusing manner, and as he put the phone back on his bed, he was looking puzzled at the laptop screen, to Arthur, to the laptop screen again, to Arthur again. It took Alfred a minute or two to finally figure what Arthur was flustered about. He looked at the date, and then it hit him. His face went from confused to very smug. He slowly turned his face from the laptop to Arthur, leaving a 1cm gap from each others faces. He let out a viciously, smug, low-pitched giggle.

"GAAAHH!! W-WHAT THE HELL –" Arthur yelped in shock, suddenly jumping out of his seat, leaning away from Alfred as far as possible without falling out. Alfred smirked and cocked up an eyebrow.
"So, I see how you feel for a certain someone now, yes?" Alfred proudly asked through his big Cheshire grin.
"What the – what the hell are you on a-" Arthur stuttered as he scrambled back onto the chair properly and spun around on the chair, only just to not only realise what Alfred was gesturing on about, but also some feelings of his own.
"-bout." Arthur's stomach gave birth to butterflies inside himself, finding it hard to swallow again.

"I – I . . ." he stuttered once more, trying to find a way to stop Alfred confronting with the truth. He then got off of the chair and walked off to where the TV was, his hands were pulling his hair in a bit of frustration.
"I'm not talking about this, gonna watch some TV now!" he called out to Alfred, bending over to grab the controls, when –
POUNCE! Alfred jumped onto Arthur, wrestling style, trying to grab the controls, shouting,
"You won't be watching any until you admit it to meeeee~!" Alfred shouted, and just as he finished his sentence, Arthur wrestled back, and yelled,
"Try me, arsehole!"

The wrestling lasted for more than thirty seconds, to which it ended when Arthur had dropped the controls onto the bean bag, and tried to reach for it, but as he did, he fell, taking Alfred with him, toppling over him. And the TV turned on playing the beginning of a new music video for a song that had just been released on the radio a couple of weeks ago. The music started playing and Alfred suddenly gasped in joy.

"Oh my god, I LOVE this song!" Alfred squealed in delight, jumping off of Arthur. Arthur remained laying in the awkward position, captivated by the tune. Titles quickly covered the middle of the screen for a few seconds that read: "Fireflies: Owl City", which Arthur could only mentally note down one of the words, yet only forgot a few seconds later. As the song played, Arthur couldn't help but to become completely mesmerised by everything that was blasting out of the television. Arthur couldn't think of anything except for how amazing the song was. And a master plan that suddenly popped into his head at the last minute.
"I like this song too."



So I've decided to move my fan-fic stuff here, so that more people can read my stories, will still be posting on deviantart too though =P



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